Ken Roberts Tribute

We honor the late Ken Roberts, founder of the Panthers Elite Track Club, leader and life-changer to thousands of young men and women through his years of coaching. We celebrate his life as he has been an advocate for children and young adults and lived to provide them the motivation and drive to achieve anything, both on and off the track. His influence did not stop with the young men and women he coached but spanned all ages and generations endearing him in the hearts of the many that had contact with him. His impact will remain timeless and we will continue his legacy. Please share your thoughts below in honor of Coach Kenneth Wayne Roberts. – RIP

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  1. Shalanda Grier

    Coach Ken was a great coach, mentor, father, peepaw and friend. He continuosly put others before himself and worked hard to see his athletes excel not only in track but in all areas of their lives. He was always full of jokes, debates and laughs lol…he always knew what to say to make you smile and laugh with him. The time he put into others is invaluable and greatly appreciated. He always fought for his athletes no matter what! Though im gonna miss Ken Coach soo much this is not goodbye because his spirit and lessons and jokes still live on. I am happy that in our last conversations he spoke much about faith and his purpose. He was real clear that his purpose was to be a coach, mentor and father figure to many and despite himself he always tried to be all these things even when he did not feel his best. I have peace in knowing you discovered what many spend a lifetime looking for, purpose. I love to the moon and back Ken Coach. I’m glad our paths crossed and I’m forever grateful for the role you played in my life. Rest easy.

  2. Penny Simmons

    Coach Ken…still hard to grasp the fact that you are no longer here physically. You meant so much to so many! There is not a track meet that goes by that I don’t think about you in some form or fashion. Thanks for mentoring and training our girls and the many, may laughs we shared. RIP Big Bruh!

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