Former Panthers Chart Success After Graduation

The High Point Panthers organization have experienced tremendous success in the category of former team members moving on to compete in collegiate track & field. Many in the list below have gone on to receive Athletic and/or Academic Scholarships and today realize success ON and OFF the track.

Former Panther Recipients of Scholarships (Academic and/or Athletic)

Daniel Bell III (N.C. A&T) 2000 Cassi Falls (UNC Grensboro) 2001
Melissa Ingram (N.C. Central) 2001 Derrick Bryant (Winthrop) 2001
Scott Stewart (NC A&T) 2001 Jamaal Brand (NC Central) 2001
Michael Lloyd (Wake Forest) 2002 Nasheena Quick (NC State) 2002
Sheena Dawkins (NC State) 2002 Montray Gilcrest (UNC Charlotte) 2003
Tiffany Roberts (Virgina) 2003 Quincy Smith (UNC Charlotte) 2003
Christie Williams (UNC Charlotte) 2003 Ashley Woods (James Madison) 2003
Tasha Clark (Howard) 2004 Portia Baker (East Carolina) 2004
Sarah Portee (UNC Wilmington) 2005 Dometrius James (Lee’s Mcray) 2005
Lanika Horn (Tenn. State) 2005 Dennis Hamilton (Elizabeth City) 2005
Jason Roberts (UNC Charlotte) 2007 Nic Lilley (St. Augustine) 2007
Darrius Little (NC. State) 2007 Michael Allen (Western Carolina) 2007
Stephani King (UNC Pembroke) 2007 Taylor Graham (NC State) 2008
Cordell Livingston** (W.Carolina-UNCC) 2009 Jessica Phillips (UNC Charlotte) 2009
Devin Bennett (Livingstone College) 2009 Astute Evans** (Wingate University) 2010
Cedric Ellison Jr** (Wingate University) 2010 Osvaldo Hernandez** (UNC Charlotte) 2010
Cameron McRae (Western Carolina) 2010 Daniel Greer** (UNC Charlotte) 2011
Desmond Stearns** (UNC Charlotte) 2011 Sarah Justice** (UNC Charlotte) 2011
Grace Popek** (Converse College) 2011 Brielle Burnett** (Western Carolina) 2011
Shalanda Grier** (Hampton University) 2011 Richard Bell III** (Kings College) 2011
Courtney Baxter (Wingate University) 2011 Yacouba Meite** (Livingstone College) 2011
Hunter Roberts (Wake Forest Univ.) 2013 Paisley Simmons (NC State Univ.) 2013
Kayla Williams (Western Carolina Univ.) 2013 Brittany Moss (UNC Charlotte) 2013
Jamahl Plunkett (UNC Charlotte) 2014 Malik Keaton (UNC Charlotte) 2014

Currently Competing in Collegiate Track & Field (**)

Others Going On To Higher Learning:

Stacy Mclaughlin (East Carolina) 2000 Tracy Mclaughlin (East Carolina) 2000
Shakira Williams (Livingstone) 2000 Tasha McKiver (N.C. Central) 2001
Eldridge Gilchrist (N.C. A&T) 2001 Brendolyn Douglas (Barber Scotia) 2001
Ronnell Gatlin (U.S. Army) 2001 Britany Martin (U.S. Army) 2003
Orin Bynes (U.S. Army) 2003 Iris Hooker (U.S. Army) 2003
Kimmen Brown (N.C. A&T) 2005 English Barber (Forsyth Tech) 2005
T.J. Boone (U.S Army) 2007 Xavier Evans (GTCC) 2007
Myia Franklin (Western Carolina) 2010 Zahria Moss (Livingstone) 2013